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ănăn comes to life in hopes of recapturing my childhood senses. I grew up amidst the aromas and flavors of the Vietnamese cuisine. My family’s restaurant, Mekong, originally known as Tiger’s Tooth, was the very first Vietnamese restaurant inspired by our Chinese heritage in the San Gabriel Valley. People drove from near and far, from the Los Angeles area and as far out as Orange County, just for a taste of our flavors. As a pioneer of the Vietnamese cuisine in San Gabriel Valley, many have followed suit in hopes of replicating our menu. 


ănăn which means Eat Eat is my passion realized. In the past few years I’ve worked obsessively to create a restaurant that juxtaposes the authentic flavors of my past and my own distinct tastes. From the name of the restaurant, to the beautiful Vietnamese inspired mural to the selection of dishes. ănăn’s inspiration comes from the Mekong tradition of home cooked Vietnamese cuisine and my own personal recipes such as our house-made sauces and rice paper spring rolls. I present to you a limited menu of specially curated Vietnamese dishes inspired by my history but with my own distinct touch. 

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